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Alfastandart, OOO
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About enterprise Alfastandart, OOO

We produce medical masks, respirators and exhalation valves. We work all over Russia.

The company "Alfastandart" was established in 2013 and specializes in industrial production.

In 2020, we opened a new production site, where we produce respirators of the 2nd and 3rd class of protection-KN95 FFP2 and KN99 FFP3, valves for respirators and medical masks.

The company is located in Tula, has equipment and production facilities, has qualified personnel and all the necessary technological and licensing documentation.

We work with materials of the leading domestic producers that allows to avoid dependence of the price on a dollar exchange rate and interruptions in deliveries.

Own production-guarantee of quality, flexible prices and uninterrupted deliveries!



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